Is an annual commitment necessary?
No, at Suburban Executive Suites we offer leases to fit your individual need.
What is included with an executive office?
Each office is professionally decorated. For your clients we have Free Parking and a tastefully decorated waiting area. We offer a luxurious conference facility and break room with complimentary coffee and tea service. Utilities and daily janitorial service are provided. Each office is equipped with phone line and High Speed Internet. Mail and packages are personally delivered to your office.
Is the phone answered with client's company name?
Yes, you receive a dedicated business telephone line that will be answered in the manner of your choosing. A personalized voice mailbox with message notification is provided for you.
Is there a charge for screening calls?
No, Suburban Executive Suites will screen your calls at no additional charge.
Is there a limit on the number of phone calls I can receive?
No, we welcome all your incoming calls as your business grows.
What other services do you provide?
We have an On-site copy and mail center. Suburban Executive Suites is able to provide any copy services you may need. The mail center offers a variety of packaging materials for you to use from each of the major carriers. We have daily pick-up of your packages for your convenience. Suburban Executive Suites also has an Office Supply Station where you can obtain office supplies in a convenient manner, as you need them.
Can I change offices as I grow?
Yes, flexibility is a hallmark of Suburban Executive Suites.
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